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My name is John McIntosh, owner and bowyer of Copper Country Bow Works. I am a retired firefighter/paramedic, and US Navy Seabee veteran. Traditional archery, especially longbows, have been a long time passion of mine. I have shot and hunted with the longbow for many years.  My wife Amy and I live for the woods, and waters of Copper Country. We hunt deer, bear, turkey, partridge, and small game as well as fish, camp and trap year round. Our longbows are never far away, and see many days in the woods. 


Our shop is located in Ontonagon, MI, which is in the far western region of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. From the nearby shores of Lake Superior to the deep rugged forests of the Ottawa National Forest, and vast expanses of forests of the Keweenaw range historic Copper Country, the rich history of this land pairs well with the deep rooted traditions of the longbow. Here you can immerse yourself deep into old growth wilderness areas, or explore the swamps, ridges and lowlands of millions of acres of national forest and commercial forest lands with a bow in hand. Simple pursuit of a variety of game large and small. 


Our bows are built for adventures in the woods, whether it be hunting, bowfishing, or just a walk through the woods shooting rotten stumps. Each bow is carefully crafted one at a time, each given every attention to detail to make a bow that will last many years and accompany you on countless adventures. 

Image by Karl Anderson
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