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Copper Country Bow Works

hand crafted


Copper Country Bow Works
Copper Country Bow Works
Copper Country Bow Works
Copper Country Bow Works

Hand Crafted


All Copper Country Bow Works longbows are created one at a time, with every aspect of the build carefully scrutinized to ensure when a bow leaves our shop, it is a bow its owner will be proud of and treasure for many years. 

Copper Country Bow Works

In Stock Bows

Copper Country Bow Works

Custom Bow Builds

Copper Country Bow Works

Custom Orders to your Specs

Copper Country Bow Works

 Made in USA

Copper Country Bow Works




Choose from our available supply of ready to purchase in stock bows, or contact John directly to begin your custom build.

Copper Country Bow Works

What Our Customers Are Saying...

the keweenaw

the ottawa



custom build

I gotta tell you the longbow  is an absolute joy to shoot. It is absolutely beautiful, incredibly smooth, fast, quiet and has zero hand shock. All that and it's a tack driver to boot. If you have ever thought about buying a longbow get a hold of John.  I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Steve P. 

Oh yeah great shooter smooth and has a good noticeable speed /power over the recurve super light too I love it. I definitely know what I’ll be doing all weekend now

Ty T.

 Thanks for all the hard work and beautiful bow you made. It shoots where I want it to with speed and silence. Exactly what us longbow guys want out of a bow!

Mark M

This Ottawa is a hell of a bow. Looks are great and shooting characteristics are exactly what I want. Been in this for 30some years and have shot all the big names. for the most part.  Good as it gets! 

Brian D. 

The bow is AWESOME!!! I had about 7 different people shoot it last night and they were all in awe of the speed, smoothness, and silence of the bow. Not only is this thing beautiful, but it was shooting darts instantly--THANK YOU for making such an outstanding product at an affordable price.

Ryan I. 

Copper Country Bow Works

Links & Events

Click below to find out what events  CCBW is going to be at, as well as other traditional archery events that are coming up.  Also check out links to other tradtional archery organizatiions and suppliers.  

Copper Country Bow Works

Introducing Our Newest Addition

The Norwich

Available in 62-64-66" length

Copper Country Bow Works
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